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dry-cap UV3® | Suitable for all (rechargeable) hearing aids

dry-cap UV3® offers your clients a drying and cleaning system suitable for all types of hearing aids. dry-cap UV3® is designed to be easily placed over the hearing aid or charging cradle.

The open design and patented dry-cap UV3® enables drying and hygienic cleaning during charging of all rechargeable hearing aids regardless of the design of the charger.

The size and design of the dry-cap UV3® is focused on perfect drying and disinfection of hearing aids and earmolds. Around the world, every hearing aid manufacturer delivers its high-tech hearing aids in a stylish charging station. Cleverly arranged openings in the casing of the dry-cap UV3® provide sufficient space on all sides for the USB cables of the charging station. Under the dry-cap UV3®, all non-chargeable hearing aids can also be dried and disinfected with UV-C light in a short period of time.

The new dry-cap UV3® is the best in class for drying hearing aids. This is the result of optimized airflow through openings for incoming air, a high-quality fan, a turbo channel and an improved drying chamber. At 7,000 rpm, 4.35 m3 air per hour is directed to the hearing aids through the turbo channel. By improving the airflow and reducing the distance between the hearing aids and the fan, the drying result is increased by 25%. The moist air can escape unhindered through large side openings. No heat is generated, which is important with rechargeable hearing aids.


dry-cap UV3® is equipped with a LiPo battery and is therefore rechargeable. A fully charged dry-cap UV3® can be used for 5 times the total program or 60 times the 2-minute disinfection program. Afterwards, the dry-cap UV3® should be charged again. A charging cable with USB connector (without plug) is supplied with dry-cap UV3® . The charging cable can be used with a standard plug with USB connector, for example the plug of the hearing aid charging station or the smartphone.

DRY & CLEAN MODE (total programme, two hours)

The Dry & Clean mode is an automatic programme that combines a fast drying process with an efficient fan and UV-C light at the beginning and end of the drying time for perfect hygiene.

CLEAN MODE (2 minutes)

At the touch of a button, the new dry-cap UV3® automatically performs a quick 2-minute UV-C cleaning. This effectively eliminates 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria and moulds.


  • LiPo battery for up to 60 cycles in Clean mode or up to 5 cycles in Dry & Clean mode.
  • Rechargeable via USB cable.
  • High-performance fan 7,000 rpm, air flow 4.35 m3 per hour, <45 dB (A), 30,000 hours. 
  • High-quality UV-C lamp 15,000 hours. 
  • Improved product safety by monitoring the input voltage. 
  • Safety shutdown with 3G sensor to protect eyes from UV-C light. 
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 144 x 82 x 96 mm. 
  • Weight: 204 grams.
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